For the past few days, I’ve been telling you about a radical new “stressless” trading strategy that only takes 7 minutes a month to execute…

Generates gains up to 1,606%

Even lets you “time travel” to retroactively bulk up your profits or reduce losses on your trades.

And I hope you’re getting excited about discovering how you can you can start enjoying these benefits for yourself.

But there’s another benefit I haven’t really talked about yet, and it’s major.

My stressless trading strategy is also a highly efficient income technique.

In the past, you could get double-digit yields from CDs. Today, it’s hard to find one paying more than 3%. And with the Fed set to drop interest rates again… Traditional income investments are NOT looking good.

On the other hand…

My stressless trading strategy produces stacks of cash as often as every month.

It’s basically the same thing as dividends, only much bigger…

Let me share a recent example…

On June 3rd, one of my picks handed traders 20.5% of their initial investment – in cash. Just 2 months earlier, it paid out another 16.2%.

That means traders have already made back more than one-third of their upfront investment – and the position itself is also up 49% so far!

Another pick has paid a whopping $28,550 in the past 3 months – $17,000 on July 11 and $11,550 on April 11.

Most full-time jobs don’t pay $11,550 in a single month.

With income like that, how much less stress would you feel when it comes to saving for retirement?

Helping your kids with student loans?

Taking some time off to enjoy the vacation you’ve been dreaming about?

My guess is, you’d have a TON less stress in your life.

Less stress means you’re likely happier and healthier…

And to top it off, you’d spend less time checking on your portfolio – and your blood pressure…

So you’d have a lot more time to enjoy it all, too. .

Over the past months, stressless traders have had the chance to bank cash payouts of $5,492… $11,550… $8,260… $2,245… $13,470… even $17,000…

And I’m going to tell you how you can set yourself up to receive your cash payouts during the Stressless Trading Summit Wednesday April 29th.

I recently got a note from a trader using my stressless trading strategy, saying…

“It’s quite surprising and really beneficial to be able to take cash out while still retaining the same position in a stock. I’m even regretting being a little too conservative!” ~ Elkin S.

You don’t want to have any regrets. Make sure you don’t miss Wednesday’s event! We go live at 1PM Eastern sharp. Make sure to show up a few minutes early with a pencil and paper!

Invest without stress,

Chris Rowe
Founder, True Market Insiders