Tomorrow afternoon at 1PM Eastern, you’ll get the chance to look “under the hood” of my powerful Stressless Trading strategy.

This strategy has revolutionized the way a select group of investors make money from the stock market…

They’re able to:

- Multiply their profits 3 times… 5 times… and even more…

- Spend an average of 7 minutes per month maintaining their positions, and…

- Minimize or completely eliminate the downside risk – it becomes impossible to lose money on many of these positions as the trades develop.

Talk about stressless trading!

Let me describe how it works in simple terms: as the position’s value increases, my unique strategy slices off some of that value and pulls cash out of the trade…

Without selling shares or decreasing the position in any way.

And as the position continues to grow, traders are able to pull out cash again and again – without forfeiting a penny of potential upside.

To quote one of our members:

“After learning what we do here I don’t think there should be any other way to trade. Chris has always been remarkable and I’ve been around for some time but not until now has the lightbulb truly come on for me.” ~ Faron W.

This strategy will change the way you invest forever – and as it removes stress from the process, it will change your life as well.

The Stressless Trading Summit will start tomorrow at 1PM Eastern sharp.

I encourage you to click this link (or just go to 5 or 10 minutes early to make sure you don’t miss a second!

See you there!

Invest without stress,

Chris Rowe
Founder, True Market Insiders